October 24, 2014

We have this great romance with technology, but realize its limits. Technology does not teach grammar.

In a recent conversation with a mother of school-age children, she claims teachers are not teaching spelling. When this parent contacted the teacher, the teacher replied “We do not need to teach spelling because the children will be using computers, and all computers have spell-check.” Computers do not teach correct usage of our language conventions.

Parents need to learn English grammar with their children so that parents as well as children gain knowledge about how our language is used correctly. We are judged on how we write and use our language, and if not used properly, we stand to be judged poorly. On job and college applications, on letters to teachers and school, even on email, our communication is the basis for future contact. We need to “write for success” rather than “dress for success” due to technological communication in our present and future society.

If you or your children need help, please use the free website or ask Grammar Girl.


September 2, 2014

Supporting Super Students has some advice for you. Control the tech and find that people are interesting and fun–to be with, to talk to,and just to observe. Learn about what humanity is by sharing and watching. Kids are the most fun, but adults qualify, too. Be a happy “hyou-man.”

August 23, 2014

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Kid-caregivers,

Do you need ideas, methods, websites and motivation for you to be the best “learning partner” with educators in the growing of your children into “Super Learners?”  I write a weekly column to do just that.  Books such as Scholastic’s Super Study Skills by Laurie Rozakis, Ph.D and Preparing Children for Success in School and Life by Marcia L. Tate are also excellent sources to make you a “Super Parent”  to a “Super Student.”

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