This time of the year, it is difficult for all of us to focus on what needs to be done. This is especially hard for children. Parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers can help children learn to focus.

Focus is to give something our complete and total attention, not thinking of anything else, and not being distracted. It is a source of personal strength, the ability to control one’s mind and body is “powerful.”

Adults can teach children through modeling, memory and concentration. They can make paying attention a game. “Remember when you had trouble memorizing your spelling words. You just needed to focus on the way the letters appeared, and you did so much better.”

Find ways to help your children work off their excess energy. Walk with them to school. Arrange play time–jumping rope, playing ball. Fresh air and exercise are important to mental focus. They will then be ready for the quiet time it takes to focus.

Eliminate distractions when they are required to do homework. Turn the TV off and take away the electronics. Give them short breaks during homework time to prevent getting distracted and improve focus.

Keep instructions simple, giving directions one at a time. Too many directions makes it difficult for children to focus, and they tend to become distracted or procrastinate.

The attention rate of children grows as they grow physically. Start with activities that require a short time and increase as the children grow. Behavior change takes time and patience.

If your children go to school hungry, upset, tired or overly excited, it may be too hard to focus on a new or challenging lesson. It is your responsibility to prepare them for a good day of learning, regardless of the time of year.

Drinking water is essential to keep their brains fully hydrated and working efficiently for them to focus.

Teaching focus is a challenging skill, but the habit will pay off throughout your children’s lives.


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