Silent Everlasting




It is 2033.  I am traveling with my partner.  We stop in a small town.  It is such a pleasure to be away from the busy, noisy city.  We step out of our car and take a deep breath of the crisp, unpolluted air. As it enters our lungs, we feel its coolness reverberate through our bodies.

“Feels good, huh!”  we exclaim almost simultaneously.

“It’s so quiet, too.  Sure a nice change for us.”

We stop.  We listen.  There is little sound except for the whisper of the cool breeze and the soft chirping of the little birds in the trees overhead. There is a crow cawing in the azure sky while wrestling the drifting clouds. 

Old people are ambling along the sidewalks—some in deep conversation, others, just sitting on benches gossiping.  The stores seem to be experiencing slow times as we see the shopkeepers on the sidewalks conversing with passersby.

There are no children.  There are no youngsters playing and running.  The playground equipment is still and rusting.  There are no balls barely missing our heads aimed by improvised bats made from tree limbs.  There are no teens with MP3 players hardly seeing us so engrossed are they in their music  Only old people crossing our paths.

Where are the children?  They must be in school.  So we walk over to the school and find it shuttered.  The swings don’t swing; the slide is dull; the grass is tall.  There are no children here either.  We thought the children were missing only in the city.  We expected to find them here in this small town.

My partner and I look at each other.  Could it be the norm in our society that caused this?  Could it be our actions as loving human males that allowed this to happen.  I love my partner, and I married him 20 years ago.  That is a long time to be married, even in this age.  Of course, many of us did the same back in 2013.  We just wanted to be happy.

So many of us married our loving partners that there was no union of male and female.  We had so much love, and we were so happy.

There are no children now!  We miss the laughter, the crazy antics that brought smiles to our faces.  Some of us miss taking children to the zoo or the circus or the park.  We miss McDonalds’ Happy Meals.  Where are the cotton candy and the lollipops? 

On a more somber note, who will care for us when we grow older?  Who will pick out our assisted living home, or cry at our funerals or treasure our cremains?

I guess we did not think of that back then; we only wanted to be happy and loved.

And now, all there is………….is silence


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